Born with a Silver Dollar and a Promise… (10/20/09)

Born with a Silver Dollar and a Promise…

On a recent drive past a somewhat vacant NJ Strip Mall, I noticed that a new Dollar General was opening soon.  So, most of you will say “So what, who cares about another dollar store”.  But just the thought of having this store in my town actually provided me with intense joy as I began to reminisce about my childhood and how these types of stores have impacted me.

 Some of my earliest shopping memories involved visiting my grandmother at her bank job, having lunch nearby and going to the local D&K Store (predecessor of the many dollar stores).  I remember spending hours sifting through all the fun stuff in the store and choosing my selections very carefully.  It was like a great treasure hunt and I always left the store elated and anxious to find a place in my bedroom for my new found items.

As a child, the thing I never realized was all this ‘stuff’ was really low grade junk.  And I also didn’t realize that I was marginally poor.  This is because; the words ‘poor’ were never echoed from the mouths of my mother or grandmother.  They hadn’t lied to me, they simply believed that with hard work and diligence, life holds a promise of better days.

In today’s uncertain economic times, the hope of better days and the appreciation of little things are key attitudes for coping. My goal with my children is to instill attitudes and behaviors that enable they to feel joy even during the hardest times of their lives.

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